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R B PATEL AND CO (USA Visa Expert and IATA Air Ticket Agent)

We are at Ahmedabad, at Amba Business Park, and at USA.

Please Contact us on +91-9512039351 (Main Mobile), +91-9512039352 (Alt Mobile), 9:15AM to 6:15PM IST Monday to Saturday
NRIs can contact, 5AM to 9:15AM IST all 365 days.
Email ID: 9512039351RBPATEL@GMAIL.COM

Our Address & Google Map Link: G-12, Ground Floor, "SAMRUDDHI" Bldg., B/h Kalupur Bank, Opp. Sakar 3, Income Tax, Ahmedabad-380014, India
Google Map Link of Our Address ગુજરાતી ભાષા માટે

Our Speciality is USA Visitor Visa, EB5 Visa and L1 Visa
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We have Atlanta, USA based Wholly Owned Subsidiary of our Proprietor Mr Rakesh Patel
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Our Ticket, Bank to Bank Forex Transfer, OCI, FRRO, other Regular Services
Links to Official US Visa Websites Official Website to Fill US Visa Form DS 160
IMPORTANT NOTE: You Must Fill and Complete DS-160 form and Generate DS-160 Confirmation Page before using appointment Website below. Double Check That DS-160 Confirmation Page's Data Matches EXACTLY to Your Current Passport Data Letter by Letter. As Per US Embassy Official Instructions; after 15NOV2023; Mistakes in DS-160 Confirmation Page will not be allowed Later after booking an appointment.
If you find mistake(s) in Filled DS-160 Confirmation Page; Please fill a new form on above website again and use that new DS-160 ID (10 Character Alphanumeric Code) in Appointment Website Below.
Tip: If you have a small mistake First "Retrieve an Application" using old DS-160 form ID (on above website) that has mistake(s). Then select option "Create a New Application". New DS-160 ID will be generated and Most of Old DS-160 Data will be automatically copied from old DS-160 form (Some Data you have to re-enter); by this way you enter minimum Data and Correct Mistake(s) easily.
Tip: It is always advisable to take hard copy prints of Review Pages and get it checked by you at peace; before submitting. Even better you take help of a family member/close friend to double check that your Passport\’s Data match Data in DS-160.
We take care of all this minute details and get updated daily BUT Please refer Latest Embassy Instructions on appointment website below if do yourself.

Official Website to Pay US Visa Fees and book Appointments
this website has very useful information and procedures to answer most of your questions/confusion. Helpful if you are going on your own.
Direct Login Official Link of Fee & Appointment Website for Quick Accesses.
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New H1B Pilot Program
Renew H1B Visa Stamp in Passport without leaving USA. (This pilot program will accept applications from January 29 to April 1, 2024. Conditions Apply. Refer link please)